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Taking Action On Climate Change

No matter where you stand on climate change, we all like breathing clean air. More trees equals more clean air! Here at Oakville Nissan, we promise to do something that NO other car dealership has done ANYWHERE! We are going to plant 25 trees for each vehicle sold at Oakville Nissan!

Why 25 trees?

It takes an average of 6 trees to offset the emissions of one of our vehicles for a full year. The average financing term is 4 years. In order to offset 4 years worth of emissions, we must plant a total of 25 trees per vehicle.

Fly Away 'N' Play

Get the chance to fly away and play with Oakville Nissan! When deciding to finance any in-stock vehicle, we provide all customers with a Fly Away 'N' Play certificate. This certificate entitles you and one companion to enjoy a round-trip holiday to one of three travel destinations - Miami, Orlando or Las Vegas! This will include airfare and two nights of accommodations. See store for more details!

1st Responders Incentive

At Oakville Nissan we want to give back to our heroes! Purchase a vehicle at ZERO PROFIT for any new OR used in-stock finance!

On behalf of the team at Oakville Nissan, we want to thank you for your service!

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